Fedor Gorst Clinches 2024 World Pool Championship Title in Thrilling Final

Fedor Gorst was crowned the 2024 World Pool Champion after defeating Eklent Kaçi at the Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal City Sports Hall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The event was organized in partnership with the Saudi Arabian Billiard & Snooker Federation (SABSF) and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Sport.

Gorst started strong by winning the lag and quickly taking a 3-0 lead. Kaçi responded in the fourth rack by escaping Gorst’s tight safety on the 2-ball, but Gorst regained control, extending his lead to 5-1 after surviving another safety from Kaçi on the 2-ball.

Despite Kaçi winning a few racks, Gorst displayed his skill with a series of impressive shots. He executed a high-flying jump shot on the 2-ball in rack 8 and another jump shot on the 3-ball in rack 13, bringing the score to 8-4. Kaçi fought back, winning two consecutive racks, but a critical error in rack 15 left the 9-ball near the pocket. Gorst capitalized with a brilliant carom shot off the 3-ball to sink the 9-ball, making it 9-6.

The intensity increased as the players exchanged racks, reaching rack 19. Kaçi’s repeated mistakes on the 4-ball gave Gorst opportunities to clear the table. Kaçi took advantage of a dry break from Gorst to clean up the rack, but a scratch on Kaçi’s break allowed Gorst to maintain his lead and execute two break-and-runs, extending his advantage to 13-9.

A misstep from Gorst on the 1-ball during his break gave Kaçi a chance to stage a comeback, thrilling the audience with a two-rail kick to a 2-9 combo that leveled the score at 13-13. Kaçi reached the hill first by clearing another rack, but a dry break handed Gorst the chance to tie the score at hill-hill.

In the final rack, a tense exchange of safety shots ended with an accidental scratch from Kaçi. With ball in hand, Gorst methodically cleared the table to secure his second World Pool Championship title. This victory not only cements Fedor Gorst’s position as the top player on the World Nineball Tour but also makes him the youngest player ever to win multiple World Pool Championship titles.

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