Brazilian Sensation Igor Figueiredo Claims Historic Victory at Mr. Vegas World Seniors Championship

In a thrilling match-up, Igor Figueiredo clinched the Mr. Vegas World Seniors Championship title with a commanding 5-2 victory over Ken Doherty, marking a significant milestone in his career. The 46-year-old Brazilian sensation not only claimed his maiden World Seniors crown but also made history as the first non-European player to do so.

Figueiredo’s path to victory was nothing short of remarkable, as he displayed exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament. His journey included impressive victories over renowned opponents such as Tessa Davidson, Jimmy White, and Tony Drago. However, it was his final showdown against the former World Champion, Ken Doherty, that truly defined his triumph.

Despite Doherty’s valiant efforts, including a strong start with a break of 100, Figueiredo maintained his composure and showcased his break-building prowess with remarkable breaks of 72 and 93. Even a potential turning point in the fifth frame, where Doherty had an opportunity to capitalize on a missed shot, couldn’t derail Figueiredo’s momentum.

Although Doherty rallied with two half centuries to narrow the gap, Figueiredo’s dominance prevailed as he sealed the victory with an emotional 88 clearance, much to the delight of the crowd at Crucible. Overwhelmed with joy, Figueiredo expressed gratitude for the support he received from his fans, especially those in Brazil, emphasizing the significance of his win for himself, his country, and the future of the sport in the Americas.

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