Fedor Gorst’s Historic Victory at the 2024 World Pool Masters

Fedor Gorst emerged victorious at the 2024 World Pool Masters in Hildesheim, Germany, triumphing over Joshua Filler in a nail-biting final that stretched to a record-breaking 13-12 conclusion. Partnered with local organizer Moltke Sports and broadcasted by Sky Sports, this tournament showcased the pinnacle of pool excellence.

The match began with Filler winning the lag but then faltering with a scratch on the opening break, allowing Gorst an early opportunity. However, Gorst faced challenges of his own, finding himself hooked after his attempt to pot the 8 ball. Despite a back-and-forth struggle over the 8 ball, Filler eventually clinched the first rack and went on a three-rack winning streak.

Gorst, determined for a comeback, capitalized on Filler’s mistakes, securing crucial racks to level the score and eventually take the lead. The match intensified as both players capitalized on errors, with Gorst edging ahead to a 10-8 lead by rack 17.

Filler, known as the ‘Killer’, fought back fiercely, taking advantage of Gorst’s missed opportunities to bring the score to 12-12. However, a pivotal dry break in rack 23 halted Filler’s momentum, allowing Gorst to seize control and force the match to a deciding rack. In a tense finale, Gorst showcased his skill and composure, clearing the table to claim his first Matchroom Major title.

Reflecting on his victory, Gorst expressed disbelief at the twists and turns of the match, acknowledging the tournament’s significance and the support of Matchroom.

Looking ahead, the Jacoby Scottish Open promises to be another thrilling event, offering players the chance to compete in Glasgow, a historic sporting city, and earn vital World Nineball Tour ranking points before the UK Open Pool Championship.

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