Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Commanding Victory

Ronnie O’Sullivan, exuding confidence in his technique and fueled by enthusiasm, advanced to his 22nd Crucible quarter-final, extending his record, with a commanding 13-7 victory over Ryan Day in the second round of the Cazoo World Championship.

Appearing relaxed and assured, O’Sullivan even shared a light-hearted moment with a spectator who enthusiastically applauded during the 17th frame. “She seemed quite excited, perhaps it was her first snooker match!” he quipped later. “I jokingly told her to take it easy. But then I felt a tad guilty, I didn’t want her to think I was scolding her.”

In the tournament thus far, O’Sullivan has only dropped eight frames and now awaits either Stuart Bingham or Jack Lisowski in the quarter-finals. He remains three wins away from securing his eighth world title, surpassing Stephen Hendry. Notably, O’Sullivan has already clinched five trophies this season, amassing a prize money total of £1,265,500 for 2023/24.

Under the guidance of coach Nic Barrow, O’Sullivan finds himself content with his game both in matches and during practice sessions, a rare occurrence for him. “I feel a genuine desire to play,” he shared with BBC. “There’s no fear of the table or the balls. I might have fears elsewhere, but not here, and that’s crucial. When you have confidence in your abilities, everything else falls into place.”

Reflecting on his journey, O’Sullivan acknowledged the challenges of transitioning to a new playing style over the past two years. “I realized I couldn’t continue as I was. Changes were necessary, and it’s been a process of aligning my body and mind. Progress has been made, but there’s still some puzzle-solving to do. Lately, I’ve found joy in playing again, in navigating through the balls more smoothly. When the game feels tough, life feels tough. But when it’s flowing, life becomes enjoyable once more.”

With a commanding 10-6 lead after two sessions, O’Sullivan showcased his prowess with breaks including 123, 84, 83, 51, 92, 82, 65, 89, 56, and 96. The final session began with a tense battle over the yellow, ultimately swinging in O’Sullivan’s favor as he capitalized on Day’s mistake to extend his lead. A composed clearance and a subsequent run of 85 brought him within touching distance of victory. Despite Day pulling one frame back, O’Sullivan sealed the deal with composed breaks of 67 and 53 in frame 20.

Reflecting on the match, Day admitted, “I had my opportunities, but I struggled to settle throughout. Missing crucial shots against someone of O’Sullivan’s caliber is unforgivable. If I had found my rhythm, I could have given him a tougher challenge and applied more pressure. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case today.”

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