Exciting Announcement from Matchroom Pool: Jayson Shaw Junior Open Returns at UK Open 2024

Matchroom Pool has unveiled thrilling news for pool enthusiasts with the revival of the prestigious Jayson Shaw Junior Open, scheduled to coincide with this year’s UK Open. The tournament is slated to unfold from May 10 to May 11 at the esteemed Telford International Centre, promising a thrilling showcase of emerging talents in the sport.

Named in honor of the illustrious 2023 Hanoi Open Champion and two-time Mosconi Cup MVP, Jayson Shaw, the event will provide a platform for 32 of the most promising young players to compete alongside seasoned professionals in the UK Open.

In alignment with Matchroom’s steadfast dedication to nurturing the sport of Nineball and fostering inclusivity, the Jayson Shaw Junior Open marks the inauguration of a series of six junior opens scheduled for 2024. These include the SVB Junior Open in Atlantic City and the Vietnam Junior Open in Hanoi, underscoring the global reach of the initiative.

With a substantial prize pool amounting to $10,000, the JS Junior Open will feature a competitive 32-player double elimination format, exclusively for participants aged 17 and under. Entry into the tournament requires a nominal fee of $100, which will be reimbursed upon completion of the event, contingent upon active participation. Additionally, each competing junior will receive a bespoke jersey courtesy of Onboard Sportswear, accompanied by Kamui chalk and cue tip accessories.

Noteworthy for fans worldwide, the climactic final of the Jayson Shaw Junior Open will be broadcasted live across Matchroom Pool’s social media platforms, with supplementary coverage during the UK Open broadcast on Sky Sports in the UK and various networks internationally.

It’s imperative to note that juniors partaking in the tournament will be ineligible to compete in the main UK Open Pool Championship due to scheduling conflicts. However, as a token of appreciation for their participation, entrants to the JS Junior Open will be bestowed with a complimentary season pass, granting access for themselves and one accompanying adult to relish the entirety of the UK Open proceedings, providing an invaluable opportunity to witness and learn from the world’s premier pool talents in action.

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