Breaking News: Pro Billiard Series Announces Historic Agreement Bringing World Championships to South America

Picture Source: Probilliard Series

The Pro Billiard Series has unveiled a monumental three-year agreement with VenBilliards Corporation, marking the first-ever hosting of the Yalin WPA Men’s World 8-Ball Championship and VenBilliards WPA Women’s World 10-Ball Championship in South America. This historic partnership promises to elevate the sport to new heights and ignite passion across the continent.

Scheduled from October 9th to 20th, the 2024 championships will take place in the vibrant city of Caracas, Venezuela. The prestigious tournaments, featuring a 64-player field for men and 48 players for women, will unfold in two stages, promising thrilling matches and intense competition.

Moreover, an invitational mixed doubles tournament will add to the excitement, culminating in a collective prize fund of $500,000. This substantial prize pool underscores the significance of these events and highlights the commitment of all parties involved to foster the growth of billiards in Latin America.

Karim Belhaj, CEO of Predator Group, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its potential to cultivate talent and inspire future generations of players across the region. He underscored the collaborative effort involving Pro Billiard Series, WPA, CPB, and partners VenBilliards Corporation and Yalin, which made these events possible.

Ishaun Singh, president of the World Pool Association, hailed the upcoming championships as a remarkable moment for the sport, praising the dedication of all stakeholders in making it a reality. He emphasized the importance of showcasing talent and nurturing billiards’ growth across the Americas.

Eric Ding, President of Yalin, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the significance of taking the WPA World 8-Ball Men’s Championship to new heights through collaboration between powerful entities in the East and West.

Patrizia Petricca of VenBilliards Corporation expressed pride in collaborating with Predator Group to promote pool sport in Latin America, affirming their vision to elevate the sport’s visibility globally and in the region. She warmly welcomed participants to Venezuela, inviting them to join in creating magical moments together.

Set against the backdrop of Venezuela’s breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant culture, the 2024 world championships promise an unforgettable experience for players, fans, and partners alike. From the pristine beaches to the lively streets of Caracas, the stage is set for a celebration of billiards talent and camaraderie, ensuring a memorable showcase of the sport’s prowess and passion.

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