Reanne Evans and Luca Brecel Triumph in World Mixed Doubles Final

Picture Source: WPBSA

Reanne Evans and Luca Brecel secured victory in the World Mixed Doubles final, defeating the formidable duo of Mark Selby and Rebecca Kenna with a scoreline of 4-2 at Manchester Central. This victory marked a crowning achievement for Evans and Brecel, who emerged as this year’s most decorated pair in the competition.

Despite their illustrious credentials, the path to victory wasn’t without its challenges. Evans, boasting an impressive 12 Women’s World Championship titles, and Brecel, the reigning World Champion, faced stiff competition throughout the tournament. In a dramatic twist, they secured their spot in the final by claiming the final frame in a tense encounter against Selby and Kenna.

For Evans, it was a case of redemption after narrowly missing out on a final appearance in 2022 alongside Ronnie O’Sullivan. Brecel, meanwhile, found solace in this triumph following a season marked by ups and downs, including a recent setback in missing out on the Players Series finale.

In a display of remarkable skill and determination, Brecel kickstarted the final with a commanding break of 57 to seize the opening frame. Despite a valiant effort from Selby and Kenna to level the playing field, Brecel and Evans showcased their prowess, ultimately clinching victory with a composed performance in the final frames.

Reflecting on their win, Evans expressed her elation at finally securing a televised final victory after 22 years of dedication to the sport. She emphasized the importance of events like these in promoting women’s participation in snooker, expressing hope for continued progress and recognition for female players.

Brecel echoed Evans’ sentiments, describing the tournament as a special occasion and emphasizing the strength of their partnership. While acknowledging the challenges they faced, Brecel remained confident in their abilities and looked forward to future successes.

As the snooker world celebrates their victory, Evans and Brecel’s triumph serves as a testament to their skill, resilience, and the growing inclusivity of the sport. With eyes set on the horizon, they stand poised for even greater achievements in the seasons to come.

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