Bai Yulu’s Journey to Snooker Stardom

Bai Yulu, the newly crowned Women’s Champion, expresses her aspirations to sustain her “rapid progress” in her career as she prepares for her debut on the World Snooker Tour. The 20-year-old Chinese sensation clinched the prestigious title in a thrilling final showdown against Mink Nutcharut, prevailing 6-5 in Dongguan, Changping, last weekend. Renowned for her exceptional talent, Bai validated her reputation with a remarkable performance, including a record-breaking break of 122 in the final.

With a World Snooker Tour card secured for the 2024/25 and 2025/26 seasons, Bai eagerly anticipates the opportunity to challenge herself against the sport’s elite. Additionally, she will embark on a journey to the UK next month to compete in the Cazoo World Championship qualifying rounds, securing one of the 16 coveted spots as an amateur entrant.

Reflecting on her victory, Bai expressed her joy, stating, “Winning the title is a milestone achieved, and I remain committed to giving my utmost effort.” Despite facing formidable opponents in the knockout stage and feeling the pressure of competing on home turf, she emerged triumphant in a tightly contested final.

Looking ahead to her professional debut, Bai views it as a fresh beginning, fueled by her relentless pursuit of excellence. “Attaining the tour card fills me with immense excitement as it grants me access to prestigious events in the UK,” she remarked. “I aim to maintain a positive mindset, enhance my skills, and continue my journey of rapid improvement.”

Amidst the celebrations, Bai remains focused on the upcoming challenge of the World Championship qualifying event. “There’s little time for rest as I prepare diligently for the next competition,” she affirmed.

Li Jianbing, Bai’s coach since her formative years, lauded her journey from a humble background to achieving her childhood dream. “She hails from a hardworking family and possesses unwavering determination,” he remarked. Bai’s passion for the game, coupled with her resilience under pressure, has been instrumental in her success. Jianbing emphasized the significance of Bai’s aspiration to compete on the global stage, symbolizing the evolving landscape of snooker in China.

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