New Qualification System Introduced for World Nineball Tour Major Open Events

In a groundbreaking move aimed at broadening participation and fostering talent in the world of professional pool, the World Nineball Tour (WNT) of Matchroom Pools has announced a new qualification system for its Major Open events. This system allows players outside the WNT’s roster of 128 professionals to earn coveted spots in these prestigious tournaments through official WNT Qualifiers.

The initiative, set to kick off with the upcoming UK Open Pool Championship in May, marks a significant shift in the landscape of competitive pool. Open to individuals aged 16 and above, these qualifiers offer aspiring players the chance to compete in multiple events leading up to the qualification stage. However, once a player secures a spot in an Open event, they are ineligible to participate in any additional qualifiers for the same event.

The inaugural Major Open event to implement this new system, the UK Open Pool Championship, is scheduled to take place at the Telford International Centre in the United Kingdom from May 7th to 12th. With 12 qualifier events already confirmed for this championship, players are encouraged to directly engage with event organizers for entry details.

Moreover, this qualification system is not limited to the UK Open Pool Championship alone. Qualifiers will be conducted for each Major Open event across various regions worldwide, providing both local talent and international hopefuls with opportunities to earn their place among the elite competitors.

This move by the World Nineball Tour underscores a commitment to inclusivity and the nurturing of emerging talent within the sport. By democratizing access to Major Open events, the WNT aims to elevate the level of competition while showcasing the diverse pool of talent from around the globe.

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