Record-breaking Viewership Marks the Success of Predator Pro Billiard Series Season Opener in Vegas

The Predator Pro Billiard Series (PBS) kicked off its season in Las Vegas with a bang, delivering five thrilling tournaments that left fans worldwide on the edge of their seats. With over $500,000 in prize funds up for grabs, the stakes were high, and the excitement was palpable.

The heart of the action was on Pro Billiard TV’s YouTube channel, which saw an unprecedented surge in viewership. Over 10 days of non-stop action, 84 intense matches streamed across two TV tables, captivating audiences for more than 180 hours of live content. The numbers speak volumes, with an astonishing 5.2 million views and over 1 million unique viewers tuning in. Additionally, the channel gained 20,000 new subscribers, solidifying its status as the go-to destination for billiards enthusiasts worldwide.

The pinnacle of excitement came during the WPA Predator Men’s World 10-Ball Championship final, where a record-breaking 23,000 live viewers watched Carlo Biado and Naoyuki Oi battle it out. The final match alone has racked up over 500,000 views and counting, showcasing the sport’s growing popularity.

But the digital frenzy didn’t stop there. Across social media platforms, the Pro Billiard Series left an indelible mark. On Facebook, PBS reached over 7.3 million people, gaining 26,000 new followers. Meanwhile, on Instagram, the series engaged more than 900,000 users, generating a staggering 44,000 post interactions and adding 4,500 fresh faces to its follower count.

Viewers also had the opportunity to catch all the live action for free on the BilliardTV network, accessible on various platforms, including Samsung TV Plus. With an average of 185,000 daily viewers and a total of 2.7 million viewers tuning in during the Las Vegas tournaments, the BilliardTV network provided a convenient and accessible way for fans to experience the excitement of the Pro Billiard Series firsthand.

Reflecting on the success of the Vegas tournaments, PBS Events Manager Vincent Rochefort expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans worldwide. Rochefort stated, “We’re thrilled to see the overwhelming support from fans around the globe, including the new people that we are introducing to the sport via Billiard TV and who are starting to follow the sport on our channel.”

Part of the Vegas tournaments’ remarkable viewership success can be credited to two new thrilling events. The PBS Women Showdown featured 16 top female players, showcasing their skill and competitiveness to an eager audience. Additionally, the introduction of the Apex Mixed Doubles event brought together 8 top pairs in an exciting new format, captivating viewers with dynamic matches. These additions injected fresh excitement into the tournaments, attracting a diverse audience and contributing to record-breaking viewership.

Rochefort also emphasized the series’ commitment to inclusivity, stating, “We’re also proud that all our content and live events are entirely free. Whether watching online or attending in person, we’re committed to making billiards accessible to everyone. This dedication to inclusivity underscores our mission to share the joy of the game with a global audience.”

With the success of the Vegas tournaments setting the stage, fans can expect even more excitement and thrilling matches in future PBS events. Stay tuned for more action-packed billiards action coming your way!

Picture Source: Probilliards Series

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