Inaugural Riyadh Season World Masters of Snooker Scores Big in Viewership and Social Media Engagement

The recently concluded Riyadh Season World Masters of Snooker has proven to be a smashing success, captivating audiences and making waves in both traditional television and the digital realm. According to reports, the tournament attracted the second-highest live average audience of the season in the UK on Eurosport, showcasing the growing popularity of the sport.

Surpassing even the UK Championship in viewership numbers, the Riyadh invitational fell second only to the prestigious Masters in terms of average viewership this season. Fans were treated to a thrilling display of skill and strategy as world number one Ronnie O’Sullivan showcased electrifying form throughout the competition, ultimately claiming the coveted title by defeating Luca Brecel 5-2 in a gripping final match.

Beyond the television screens, the tournament’s digital presence was equally impressive. The event garnered significant attention across World Snooker Tour’s (WST) social media platforms, reaching an astounding total of 10.5 million people at an average of 3.5 million per day. This marked a substantial increase compared to January’s Masters, which averaged 2.5 million daily impressions on social media.

In light of these impressive figures, tournament organizers expressed their enthusiasm for the future of snooker and the Riyadh Season World Masters. Rowell, a representative of the event, emphasized the accelerating interest in snooker and highlighted the excitement generated by the sport’s debut in Riyadh. Looking ahead, the anticipation is building for the upcoming full-ranking event, the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters, slated to return later this year. As the sport continues to gain momentum, fans can expect more thrilling competitions and heightened global interest in the world of snooker.

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