2024 Dynamic Billard Euro Tour: Feijen’s Quest for 12th Title and Szewczyk’s Pursuit of Victory in Tallinn Open

The 2024 Dynamic Billard Euro Tour kicked off at the Kalevi Sports Hall Tallinn, Estonia, where 161 players convened for the Tallinn Open. Completing three full rounds of play and numerous matches in Winners’ Round 2, the evening’s action concluded around 10:40.

Among the notable players was 47-year-old Dutchman Niels Feijen, who secured three victories to advance to the Winners’ Qualification bracket. Despite achieving his first Euro Tour podium finish in Tampere, Finland, in 1999, Feijen remains a formidable contender. Nicknamed ‘The Terminator,’ his last tour victory was in St Johann during the summer of 2022, defeating Francisco Sanchez Ruiz for the title.

Reflecting on his current form, Feijen expressed, “Practice is steady, but I need more competition to regain my groove, especially with the absence of opponents in Denmark. My regular practice partner, Mickey Krause, is consistently on the road, making sparring sessions scarce. I still believe I can perform at my best, but it takes time to find my competitive rhythm.”

Feijen emphasized the importance of the process, taking one match at a time and focusing on doing the small things well. Despite misconceptions about his practice routine, he clarified practicing about two hours a day and highlighted the challenges of solo practice after 30 years in the game.

While Feijen pursues his 12th Euro Tour title, Wojciech Szewczyk, still seeking his first tour win, made a strong start in Tallinn with two wins from two matches. Szewczyk acknowledged his positive attitude and ongoing practice, emphasizing the strong competition in Tallinn and the need for disciplined preparation.

Having taken some time off around New Year’s, Szewczyk noted the challenges of maintaining consistency but expressed a positive outlook on the possibility of achieving success in the tournament. Reflecting on his hiatus, he valued family time and emphasized the importance of working smart and staying disciplined to succeed in the long term.

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