Kelly Fisher and Joshua Filler Crowned AzBilliards Players of the Year for 2023

The commencement of a new year marks the selection of the previous year’s “AzBilliards Player of the Year” award recipients. On the women’s side, three players stood out, showcasing an exceptional level of skill among several contenders.

Jasmin Ouschan secured two WPBA events, and Chieh Yu Chou claimed victory in the Women’s World 9-Ball title and the Wisconsin Open. Nevertheless, the coveted award goes to Kelly Fisher, who clinched four WPBA titles in the year.

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In the 2022 Men’s Player of the Year article, we highlighted Joshua Filler as an early favorite. However, 2023 took an unexpected turn, leading Filler to question his commitment to billiards.

The first two months proved challenging for Filler, prompting him to make equipment changes and face self-imposed pressure. A disappointing performance at the World 9-Ball and the Derby intensified his doubts about continuing in the sport.

Filler’s fortunes changed, thanks to support from his wife, coach, and a shift in mindset. He reflected on overcoming adversity, acknowledging his turnaround after finishing third in the World 10-Ball in Vegas. Filler’s year culminated in an unprecedented eight major titles, showcasing resilience and determination.

Looking back, Filler shared lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and maintaining a positive outlook, regardless of setbacks. As he dominates the 2024 Derby City Classic, it appears Filler is poised for another remarkable year, raising the possibility of earning yet another Player of the Year award.

Both Kelly Fisher and Joshua Filler will be honored later this month with their “Player of the Year” awards, courtesy of Aramith Billiard Balls.

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