Ronnie O’Sullivan Defies Trend, Sticks to Traditional Chalk Despite Rivals’ Switch to Taom

In a surprising move that has sparked debates among snooker enthusiasts, Ronnie O’Sullivan continues to eschew the modern trend of using Taom chalk, instead opting for the traditional Triangle brand. The seven-time world champion’s decision has earned him the label of “stubborn” from his peers on the World Snooker Tour.

Taom chalk has become the go-to choice for most professional snooker players in recent years, credited for causing fewer kicks compared to the previously popular Triangle brand. The revolutionary chalk has gained prevalence on the tour, with players praising its cleanliness on the table cloth and reduced risk of miscues.

Despite the overwhelming shift towards Taom, O’Sullivan remains resolute in his loyalty to Triangle chalk, even in the face of complaints from fellow competitors. Notable snooker player John Higgins urged O’Sullivan to make the switch during their encounter at the 2021 English Open, but O’Sullivan has stood his ground.

Stephen Hendry, another snooker legend, expressed his confusion over O’Sullivan’s reluctance to embrace the new chalk trend. Hendry, who himself advocates for Taom chalk, highlighted its benefits, emphasizing how it keeps the tables clean and minimizes miscues. He couldn’t fathom why O’Sullivan, the only player on the World Snooker Tour still using Triangle chalk, has not joined his peers in adopting the modern alternative.

Hendry shared his thoughts on O’Sullivan’s choice on his YouTube channel, stating, “The players now, I mean, as I say, the tables are just beautiful now… But as soon as anything goes wrong, the players are like ‘oh my god.’ The biggest, I’d say, is Ronnie will still use the old chalk, which gets kicks and bounces on the cushion. I don’t know why he wouldn’t use a new one. Whether it’s stubbornness, I don’t know.”

O’Sullivan’s defiance of the chalk trend hasn’t hindered his performance on the snooker circuit. The renowned player enjoyed a stellar start to 2024, securing back-to-back victories at the Masters before claiming the title at the World Grand Prix. Despite the success, the debate over his chalk choice continues to intrigue and divide snooker enthusiasts.

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