Support Needed for Snooker and Pool Tournaments in Nigeria

Cue sports, including snooker and pool, have a growing community in Nigeria eager for high-quality tournaments. We’re reaching out to seek your support in organizing standard Tournaments across the country.

Why Your Support Matters:

To create top-notch tournaments, we need financial backing for venue costs, equipment, promotion, and prize funds. Your support will elevate these events to international standards, attracting top players and boosting the cue sports scene in Nigeria.

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How to Support:

We’re accepting contributions through:

Wema Bank:
Account Name: Finasky Enterprise
Account Number: 8967153681

For international supporters, a PayPal link is available here:

Your generous contributions will directly impact the success of the tournaments and enable us to create an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

Get Involved:

Beyond financial support, we welcome sponsorships, equipment contributions, and volunteers to make these tournaments a success.

Your support will not only grow cue sports but also nurture talent and foster unity in our community. Together, let’s make premier cue sports tournaments in Nigeria a reality!

Thank you for considering and supporting our cause. Let’s cue up a bright future for cue sports in Nigeria!

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