The World Pool Masters: A Historic Showdown in Hildesheim, Germany

The prestigious World Pool Masters, an invitational event steeped in the history of pool, is scheduled to take place from April 25 to 28 at Halle39 in Hildesheim, Germany. This event is organized in collaboration with local coordinator Moltke Sports and will be televised by the host broadcaster, Sky Sports.

Originating in Plymouth, England in 1993, the World Pool Masters has been a stage for the world’s greatest pool champions over three decades. Notable past winners include Francisco Bustamante, Darren Appleton, Shane Van Boening, and Joshua Filler. Ralf Souquet holds the record for the most titles, securing his sixth victory in Quezon City, Philippines, in 2011.

As an official World Nineball Tour Invitational event, the World Pool Masters will feature a stellar lineup, comprising the top 14 players from the WNT Rankings, along with two wild card entries. The tournament will be broadcast live on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom and Ireland, showcasing four days of elite competition.

Ko Pin Yi, the reigning champion, clinched victory against Albania’s Eklent Kaçi in Brentwood, England last May, claiming the $40,000 winner’s prize. The competition format includes race-to-9 opening round ties, progressing to race-to-10 for the quarter-finals, race-to-11 for the semi-finals, and race-to-13 for the final, as 16 players compete for a share of the $125,000 prize fund.

Tickets for the event will be available for purchase starting at 2 pm GMT on Wednesday, December 20. Fans can sign up for ticket alerts to secure their spots.

In a first for the World Pool Masters, Nineball enthusiasts can indulge in VIP Hospitality during the weekend sessions. Packages, starting from €150 on Saturday, April 27, and Sunday, April 28, include premium seating, a three-course evening meal, complimentary beverages, and the opportunity to meet the stars of the World Nineball Tour. VIP Hospitality tickets can be secured from 2 pm GMT on Wednesday, December 20.

The esteemed organizers, Moltke Sports, are renowned for hosting top-tier sporting events in Germany and have a longstanding partnership with the Professional Darts Corporation. Halle39, the event venue, offers over 4,000 m² of space for concerts and conferences, accommodating up to 3,450 people. Its mobile seating and cutting-edge equipment provide a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, ensuring an optimal spectator experience with extensive transport facilities.

Fans attending the World Pool Masters in Hildesheim can immerse themselves in the official fans village, featuring various food and drink outlets, opportunities to purchase official Nineball merchandise, and a diverse range of billiards vendors.

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