World Women’s Snooker Championship 2024 Comes to Dongguan Snooker Academy, Chang Ping, China

Dongguan Snooker Academy, Chang Ping, China; (Picture Source: WPBSA Website)

World Women’s Snooker (WWS), the Chinese Billiards and Snooker Association (CBSA), and Cantonese Snooker (Chang Ping) are excited to declare that the upcoming World Women’s Snooker Championship is set to take place at the Dongguan Snooker Academy in Chang Ping from March 11 to March 17, 2024.

The 41st edition of this prestigious event on the WWS calendar will once again provide a direct avenue for qualification to the mixed-gender World Snooker Tour. The champion is assured of securing a two-year professional tour card starting from the 2024/25 season.

Having most recently been claimed by Thailand’s Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan, who hoisted the Mandy Fisher Trophy in 2023, this historic tournament has experienced substantial growth in recent seasons. Its continued expansion will be marked by a significantly increased prize fund exceeding £35,000, distributed across three tournaments during the week.

The Dongguan Snooker Academy, situated in Dongguan Chang Ping, approximately an hour away from major areas like Guangzhou and Hong Kong, boasts a stunning two-table arena. Additionally, several extra tables are housed within the facility.

The WPBSA, in collaboration with China’s national governing body, the CBSA, and Cantonese Snooker (Chang Ping) led by Bobby Lee, will provide support for the tournament.

In addition to the main World Women’s Snooker Championship, the event will feature the World Women’s Under-21 Snooker Championship and the World Women’s Seniors Championship. The latter was won earlier this year by India’s Anupama Ramachandran and England’s Mary Talbot-Deegan, respectively.

Mandy Fisher, President of World Women’s Snooker, expressed excitement about the championship’s first venture into China and extended gratitude to Bobby Lee and the CBSA for their support. She highlighted the significance of staging this iconic tournament in Dongguan Chang Ping, emphasizing the continuous growth and improvement witnessed each year.

Bobby Lee of Cantonese Snooker (Chang Ping) conveyed his delight in collaborating with WWS, WPBSA, and CBSA for this significant international snooker event. Recognizing the remarkable growth of women’s snooker, especially in Asia with players like Bai Yulu in China, Lee expressed determination to make this tournament the best staging yet.

Jason Ferguson, Chairman of WPBSA, hailed the announcement as a major milestone for World Women’s Snooker, underscoring the event’s status as an official qualifying pathway to the World Snooker Tour. He emphasized the strengthened relationship with China and CBSA, expressing eagerness to collaborate with Bobby Lee and Cantonese Snooker in shaping the event’s success.

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