Crowning Glory: Hawaiian Jimmy Shafer Triumphs in Mezz LA 9 Ball Series Season 2

After an entire year of intense nine-ball pool competition throughout Los Angeles, encompassing over 90 Digital Pool tournaments and featuring more than 200 players, “Hawaiian” Jimmy Shafer (672) emerges as the champion. He secures victory in the 64-player seeded single-elimination invitational, remaining undefeated through six rounds.

Among his notable triumphs are victories over Derek “D-WRECK” Zurita (369), Keegan “K9” Badour (634), Phong Ha (626), Chris Wedekind (634), Beau Runningen (740), and Melissa “Dragon Lady” Helland (658) in the single-race final. The final match between Jimmy and Melissa captivates the audience with highly aggressive pool play, featuring power shots, banks, and strategic safeties. A series of missed shots by Melissa during closely contested racks allows Jimmy to pull ahead, ultimately securing a 9-6 set victory.

Melissa herself showcases an impressive performance in the tournament, defeating Rogeur Habachiy (630), Terrence Lee (578), David Butler (668), Chaokun Li (590), and finally Jamal Oussi (618). The semi-final against Jamal proves to be intense, with Jamal leading for most of the match but faltering on critical shots.

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Chris Santana sends a message to all players from this season, marking the conclusion of Season 2 of the Mezz LA 9 Ball Series. He expresses gratitude to all participants, acknowledging the season’s growth with the introduction of Weekly tournaments, new players, sponsors, and the formation of numerous friendships. Chris highlights the excitement and enjoyment of this endeavor, declaring it the most thrilling in his 17 years of promoting pool.

A special shoutout goes to the Top 8 of the regular season, including Beau Runningen (Top Shooter), Jose G Centeno (on the pro horizon), Rhino Lay (victory for the seasoned player), Spencer Ladin (Season 2’s best hair), Keegan Badour (representing Good Times), Rakesh Bunga (a strong season), Jerry Lazzareschi (Season 2’s best white tee), and Joe Hanink (appreciation for year-long assistance).

Chris announces the kickoff of Season 3 on January 7th, promising an even more significant year in 2024. Anticipate double the events and improved chances for those unable to secure many main event wins. While the pool experts may maintain an edge, Chris assures they’ll have to work for it. He encourages all players to strive for their best and track their progress from season to season, setting and achieving goals at the Mezz LA 9 Ball Series.

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