Finasky Enterprise Secures Country Representative Status for Nigeria from the World Senior Snooker Organisation

In a landmark achievement for the snooker community in Nigeria, Finasky Enterprise, the proprietors of, have been awarded the distinguished title of Country Representative (Nigeria) by the World Senior Snooker Organisation( This coveted status positions Finasky Enterprise as the focal point for coordinating the activities of the World Senior Snooker Organisation specifically tailored for players aged 50 and above. This significant development underscores the organization’s commitment to advancing the sport of snooker in Nigeria and fostering a thriving community of senior players.

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Elevating the Snooker Landscape: Finasky Enterprise’s Triumph

The announcement of Finasky Enterprise as the Country Representative for Nigeria marks a watershed moment for the snooker fraternity in the country. The accolade is a testament to the dedication, passion, and organizational prowess demonstrated by Finasky Enterprise in promoting the sport. This recognition by the World Senior Snooker Organisation not only acknowledges the enterprise’s contributions but also signifies a vote of confidence in its ability to lead and enhance the snooker experience for players in the golden years of their sporting journey.

A New Chapter: Coordinating Activities for Senior Snooker Players

As the designated Country Representative, Finasky Enterprise assumes the crucial role of coordinating the activities of the World Senior Snooker Organisation within Nigeria. This responsibility extends beyond the realm of competition; it encompasses the cultivation of a vibrant community, the organization of tournaments, and the facilitation of training programs tailored to snooker enthusiasts aged 50 and above. This strategic alignment aims to provide a platform for senior players to showcase their skills, share experiences, and contribute to the growth of snooker in Nigeria.

Finasky Enterprise’s Vision for the Future

With the bestowed status, Finasky Enterprise envisions a future where senior snooker players in Nigeria thrive in a supportive and dynamic environment. The organization pledges to work closely with the World Senior Snooker Organisation to introduce initiatives that foster camaraderie, skill development, and a sense of belonging among senior players. This collaboration aims to not only elevate the standard of play but also inspire the next generation of snooker enthusiasts.

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A Grateful Acknowledgment

Expressing gratitude for the prestigious recognition, the leadership of Finasky Enterprise conveys its commitment to upholding the values of the World Senior Snooker Organisation. The acknowledgment serves as a catalyst for renewed efforts to contribute meaningfully to the global snooker community while leaving an indelible mark on the national stage.

As Finasky Enterprise assumes its role as the Country Representative for Nigeria, the snooker landscape in the country stands poised for positive transformation. The synergy between Finasky Enterprise and the World Senior Snooker Organisation promises a bright future for senior snooker players, solidifying their place in the rich tapestry of Nigeria’s sporting heritage.

Fortunatus Onuh CEO

Finasky Enterprise


Nigeria Representative for

World Senior Snooker Organisation

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