Triple Crown Bonus: Snooker Players Eye £147,000 Reward for Two Maximum Breaks

Players who achieve two maximum breaks during the Triple Crown Series this season will receive a substantial £147,000 bonus. This incentive applies to the 2023 MrQ UK Championship, the 2024 Masters, and the 2024 Cazoo World Championship. Whether in the qualifying rounds or the final stages of these tournaments, a player making two maximums (either a 147 or 155) will be eligible for the significant bonus.

WST Chairman Steve Dawson expressed the excitement surrounding the initiative, emphasizing the thrill of a maximum break in snooker. The hope is to witness such achievements during the MrQ UK Championship, extending the opportunity for players to pursue the bonus in subsequent tournaments. Dawson highlighted the heightened skill level in snooker, expecting the new prize to motivate players to aim for maximum breaks.

The bonus, totaling £147,000, is an additional reward alongside the high break prizes for each individual event. Up to three players have the chance to claim the bonus. For example, if three different players each achieve two 147s, they would each secure £147,000. Alternatively, a single player making six maximums could bank an impressive £441,000.

The counting events for this bonus include the MrQ UK Championship (November 18-23 for qualifying rounds, and November 25 to December 3 for the main event), The Masters (January 7-14), and the Cazoo World Championship (April 8-17 for qualifying rounds, and April 20 to May 6 for the main event).

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