Sadiq Maisafa: Pioneering the Billiards Revolution in Nigeria

In the heart of Kano State, Nigeria, a billiards maestro named Sadiq Maisafa, affectionately known as “Maisafa (Pool Centro),” has emerged as a legend in the world of cue sports. His journey through the game of pool has been nothing short of transformative, not just for himself, but for the entire billiards community in Kano State. This is the tale of Sadiq Maisafa, the man who changed the face of pool in Nigeria.

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Early Beginnings

Sadiq’s affair with the green felt and polished cues commenced in 2009 at the Ubawo Snooker Joint in Kano State of Nigeria. Little did he know that this initiation was just the beginning of an incredible odyssey that would shape his life and the world of billiards in Nigeria. His love for the game slowly grew, and he spent countless hours perfecting his skills at the snooker joint, where he laid the foundation for his future success.

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Transformation in Accra, Ghana

The turning point in Sadiq’s billiards career occurred in 2013 when he embarked on a journey to Accra, Ghana. There, he had the privilege of facing off against some of the finest pool players from various corners of the world, including Ghanaians, Lebanese, Indians, and Chinese. This international exposure was a game-changer for Sadiq, as it elevated his skills to new heights. It was in Accra that Sadiq’s game transformed, and he was ready to bring his newfound knowledge and expertise back to Kano State.

Pool Coach and Mentor

Returning to Kano State, Sadiq Maisafa’s dedication to the game of pool did not end with his own improvement. He assumed the role of a Pool Coach, devoting his time and energy to nurturing young talents, imparting his invaluable knowledge, and instilling a passion for the sport in the next generation of players. His commitment to the mentorship of these aspiring billiards enthusiasts has already begun to bear fruit, as many of his proteges have gone on to achieve great success themselves.

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Innovations and Achievements

Sadiq’s influence on the billiards scene in Kano State is not limited to his coaching abilities. He has been instrumental in introducing innovations and strategies that have reshaped the game within the region. Notably, he was the first player in Kano State to utilize a pool hand glove, earning him the nickname “Maisafa (The Glove Guy).” His introduction of advanced skills like masse shots, reverse shots, and spins added a layer of finesse and sophistication to the local pool scene.

List of Achievements

Sadiq’s accomplishments in the world of billiards are nothing short of extraordinary. He has a long list of accolades to his name, including:

1. Ahmad Musa Sport Center Pool Competition 2019 (1st Position): This victory marked the beginning of his competitive success.

2. Banana Snooker Joint Competition 2021 (1st Position): Sadiq continued to display his prowess as a dominant force in the billiards world.

3. Black & White Competition 2022 (1st Position): His consistent excellence in the game was further solidified with yet another triumph.

4. MaiHula Snooker Joint Competition 2022 (1st Position): Sadiq’s relentless pursuit of perfection led to yet another first-place finish.

5. Omega Pool Lord Tournament 2023 (2nd Position): Even when he faced challenges, Sadiq showed his resilience and determination, securing a notable second-place finish.

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Sadiq Maisafa, or “Maisafa (Pool Centro),” is not just a pool player; he is a trailblazer and a mentor who has transformed the billiards landscape in Kano State and has made an impact in the Nigerian Pool arena. Through his coaching, innovation, and an impressive list of achievements, Sadiq has left an indelible mark on the world of pool, inspiring the next generation to reach for the stars and take the game to new heights. His passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment have truly made him a pool legend in Nigeria, and his influence continues to grow with each passing day.

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