The Lion of Nigeria: Abba Zaky’s Remarkable Journey to Pool Dominance

In the world of billiards, where precision and finesse reign supreme, few have risen as spectacularly as Abba Zaky, better known as “The Lion.” With a meteoric ascent in the realm of pool, Abba Zaky has not only become the undisputed champion of Kano state but has also garnered nationwide (Nigeria) recognition for his extraordinary talent and dedication to the game.

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The Lion in action

Abba’s journey into the world of pool was not typical. Born into a family of pool enthusiasts, one might assume he had been polishing his skills from a young age. However, his story takes an unexpected turn. It wasn’t until 2018 that Abba’s passion for the game ignited. Despite his late start, his level of play and finesse in the game quickly established him as one of the best pool players in Nigeria. Many find it hard to believe when Abba shares that he only began playing the game in 2018, given his remarkable skill set.

Kano state has witnessed Abba Zaky’s dominance like no other. He’s not just a pool player; he’s the Pool Lord of Kano. Abba has triumphed in numerous pool tournaments throughout the state, with a string of victories that have solidified his reputation as a pool legend. His mastery of the cue is likened to a brave knight on the battlefield, even surpassing players with decades of experience.

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What sets Abba Zaky apart from other players is not just his exceptional talent, but also his commitment to the game. He’s not content with resting on his laurels; he constantly seeks improvement and innovation. Abba is known for his dedication to training and mentoring other pool players of various skill levels, helping them attain perfection in the game.

One of Abba’s most significant accomplishments was winning the Omega Pool’s largest tournament in Kano. The victory brought him not only a substantial cash prize but also an ambassadorship contract, a Thunderstorm cue stick, game coupons, a prestigious trophy, and the coveted title of “The Pool Lord.” This accomplishment catapulted Abba Zaky to the forefront of the pool scene, making him a household name in Kano state.

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Abba Zaky’s influence extends beyond his victories and titles. Recognizing his deep love for the sport, he introduced standard pool rules in Kano state, starting from his own pool spot. This initiative had a ripple effect, ultimately establishing Kano as one of the states where standard pool rules are adhered to more than anywhere else in Nigeria.

What makes Abba truly exceptional is his commitment to constant learning. Despite his immense success, he remains humble and eager to improve. When he faced issues with his stroke and alignment, he took a step back and revisited the basics – stance, alignment, grip, bridge, feathers, and more. This relentless dedication to refinement has propelled him to new heights and makes him a role model for aspiring pool players.

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Abba Zaky’s ambition doesn’t end with regional dominance; he dreams of representing Nigeria on the international stage in Pool Championships. His unwavering dedication, passion, and unquenchable thirst for improvement make this dream seem entirely within reach. With Abba’s remarkable talent and commitment to the game, there’s no doubt that “The Lion” will continue to roar on the pool tables of Nigeria and beyond, leaving an indelible mark on the world of billiards.

Recent Achievements:

Zaky Pool Café Tag-Team Tournament – May 2023

Omega Pool Lord Tournament – June 2023

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