Lechner’s Epic Comeback and other Intense Matches at Probilliards Series

Picture Credit: Probilliard Series

Following his loss in the lag shot, Max Lechner spent five racks in his chair. WPA world number 1, Joshua Filler, was on a relentless mission. However, a dry break in the sixth rack gave Lechner a crucial opportunity to return to the table, which he seized, narrowing the gap to 5-4 and eventually taking the lead at 9-8. Filler managed to force a hill-hill situation, but an unfortunate dry break in the Last 16 clash proved costly.

Over on Table 2, Shane Van Boening launched the match with incredible intensity, swiftly amassing a 6-0 lead against Alex Kazakis. Even though the Greek player made a late comeback, it was too little, too late, as Van Boening clinched a 10-4 victory, securing his spot in the quarter-finals while pursuing his first World 8 Ball title and the $75,000 prize.

The Men’s Quarter Finals are set for tomorrow at 12pm Austrian time. The highlight match between the reigning world 8-ball champion, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, and the American star, Shane Van Boening, will be broadcast live on Table 1, while the clash between Mario He and Sanjin Pehlivanovic will be featured on Table 2.

In the Women’s World 10 Ball, the defending champion, Chou, suffered a resounding defeat at the hands of Chezka Centeno, with a commanding score of 9-2 in the quarter-finals. Joining Centeno in the final four are the Fisher sisters, Allison and Kelly, as well as Chinese player Yu Han, all vying for the prestigious women’s pool title and the $50,000 prize.

The Women’s semifinals are scheduled for Saturday at 3pm, and both matches will be available for free viewing on the Pro Billiard TV YouTube channel.

In the Juniors division, Kledio Kaci, the younger brother of world champion Eklent Kaci, is showcasing his exceptional skills and sportsmanship. Despite his youth, Kledio has firmly established himself as a top contender for the World Juniors title this year in Klagenfurt. The young Albanian will face Yannick Pongers in the semifinals of the Boys Under 19 category, with the Junior Boys and Girls semifinals also taking place on Saturday.

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