Kelly Fisher Triumphs in 2023 WPBA ICB Invitational II: A Display of Skill and Unit

In the United States, the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) excels in fostering a strong sense of unity among its members during their regularly scheduled events, surpassing the cohesiveness observed among their male counterparts in the sport. The camaraderie and familial bond within the WPBA are unmatched, creating an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere, even amid the intense competition.

Recently, members of the WPBA gathered at Iron City Billiards (ICB) in Birmingham, AL for the ICB Invitational II, a $15,000-added event that drew 80 participants in a distinctive two-stage format. Kelly Fisher, a prominent figure in the WPBA, demonstrated her prowess by going undefeated to secure her third WPBA win of 2023 and her eighth win in the past year.

In the initial encounter, Fisher staged an impressive comeback, winning seven consecutive matches to triumph over Kristina Tkach and clinch ICB Invitational I. In the most recent event from September 30 to October 1, Fisher navigated her way through a competitive field, emerging victorious and further solidifying her standing in the WPBA.

Throughout the tournament, Fisher exhibited exceptional skill and determination, particularly in the hot seat match against Margarita Fefilova. Despite facing a six-game run from Fefilova, Fisher displayed her resilience and staged a remarkable comeback, ultimately claiming the hot seat.

In the subsequent stages of the event, the competition remained fierce, with players vying for success on the loss side. Tzu-Chien Wei and Kristina Tkach showcased their skills, but it was Fefilova who stood out, securing a place in the semifinals.

The finals were a testament to Fisher’s proficiency and dominance, as she exhibited control and poise, ultimately clinching her second Iron City Billiards Invitational title. Fisher’s consistent performance has solidified her position at the top of the WPBA rankings, closely followed by Jasmin Ouschan and Tzu-Chien Wei.

The WPBA extends its gratitude to Iron City Billiards, along with various sponsors, for their support and hospitality during this event.

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