Ko Ping Chung Secures 46th US Open Pool Championship Victory in Thrilling Showdown

Ko Ping Chung Picture Source: Azbilliards

Ko Ping Chung emerged victorious in the 46th US Open Pool Championship held at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, defeating Fedor Gorst in a thrilling match broadcasted live on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom & Ireland and DAZN in the United States, with a score of 13-6.

After an impressive performance in the semi-finals and a dominant 11-0 victory over Aloysius Yapp in the semifinals, Ko Ping Chung showcased exceptional skill by consecutively winning 16 racks, setting a remarkable tone for the final. However, Gorst fought back, gaining an advantage by winning the next two racks.

Throughout the week, Gorst demonstrated a strong defensive strategy, forcing Ko into errors and establishing a three-rack lead at 5-2. Ko maintained a perfect safety success rate in the opening 12 racks.

In an unexpected turn of events during the match, a remarkable five-rail fluke on the 3-ball changed the trajectory, enabling Ko Ping Chung to level the match at 6-6. Capitalizing on Gorst’s mistake at 6-3, Ko seized the opportunity to equalize.

Ko Ping Chung showcased his prowess in controlling the match’s momentum, displaying a flawless performance from 6-all and quickly advancing to 10-6 by consecutively winning seven racks. Despite a surprising break in the 17th rack, Ko Ping Chung’s momentum prevailed as he secured victory with an impressive streak of 10 consecutive racks, marking the most significant title of his career. This achievement followed his brother Pin Yi’s win at the 2023 World Pool Masters in Brentwood, England earlier in the year.

With a top prize of $50,000 and valuable World Nineball Tour Ranking Points, the 28-year-old Ko Ping Chung ascended from 10th to fourth place in the WNT Rankings.

In a separate event, the SVB Junior Open, Lazaro Martinez clinched victory with a 9-7 score against Karl Gnaderberg, securing the title for the United States. The young talent received a jubilant reception from the home crowd and aspires to progress further on the World Nineball Tour, following in the footsteps of Khalid Alghamdi, the inaugural event winner in 2022.

Looking ahead, the World Nineball Tour is set to host the Peri 9-ball Open at the Peri Pool Arena in Hanoi from October 5-9th before heading to the Vietnamese capital for the inaugural Hanoi Open Pool Championship, taking place from October 10-15th at the Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium in collaboration with the City of Hanoi and Vietcontent, the country’s premier sports agency.

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