US Open Pool Championship Highlights: Souquet vs. Strickland Epic Showdown and Tournament Standouts

Ralf Souquet and Earl Strickland displayed their prowess in a thrilling match at the US Open Pool Championship, captivating the audience on the DAZN main streaming table.

Known as ‘The Kaiser,’ Souquet established an early five-rack lead over ‘The Pearl,’ showcasing the top-notch form he’s consistently demonstrated at Matchroom events in 2023. The following rounds saw intense exchanges, treating the packed crowd around table one to a vintage Earl Strickland performance. Strickland mounted a comeback, culminating in a spectacular 2-9 combo to force a deciding rack.

Souquet, a six-time World Pool Master, has consistently excelled in Winners’ Qualification at every Matchroom Major this season. He upheld this tradition with a brilliant victory over the five-time US Open champion Strickland in an outstanding contest.

In the double-elimination format in Atlantic City, Strickland’s triumph over Leo C. Ott earned him a return to the table on Wednesday, striving to progress to the single-elimination knockouts.

Anton Raga, the European Open runner-up, arrived in New Jersey as a strong tournament favorite after an impressive run in Fulda, Germany. However, Spaniard Manuel Montejo Fernández, previously unranked on the World Nineball Tour rankings, delivered a stunning upset against Raga in the presence of the top-ranked WNT player and defending US Open champion, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz.

Skyler Woodward, displaying his new Cuetec AVID Proof Series of cues, secured a comfortable 9-2 victory over American opponents Charles Carlisle and Robert Czupryniak. He now prepares to face Alex Pagulayan in the third round.

Having recently hosted the CueLee’s Connecticut 9-ball Open, Eagle Eye Jayson Shaw shifted his focus entirely to the US Open Pool Championship, claiming comfortable wins in both of his matches.

Veteran players Darren Appleton and Niels Feijen continued the trend of strong performances, earning their spots in the next round and setting up an exciting clash against each other.

On the outer tables as play concluded, drama unfolded in the all-American clash between Scott Frost and Hunter Lombardo. In a nail-biting hill-hill match, Lombardo accused Frost of touching the 6-ball with his shirt. Eventually, with ball-in-hand, Lombardo skillfully ran out to win 9-8.

Picture Source: Azbilliards

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