Rising Scottish Snooker Talent Liam Graham Making Waves on the World Snooker Tour

Glasgow teenager Liam Graham making strides in the world of snooker after securing a two-year card to compete on the professional main tour.

Liam Graham, a young snooker talent hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, is rapidly making a name for himself on the World Snooker Tour. Having secured a two-year card to compete on the professional main tour through his impressive victory in the European Under-21 Championship earlier this year, Graham is now setting his sights on a breakthrough in the world of snooker alongside other promising talents from the United Kingdom like Stan Moody and Liam Pullen.

Graham’s journey into snooker began at a young age, influenced by his grandfather and father, who introduced him to the game. Despite having played for only a decade, his progress in the sport has been remarkable. In an exclusive interview with SnookerHQ, Graham reminisced about his early days, stating, “You don’t really think about turning professional at that age, I just realized I was better at snooker than I was at football.”

His journey to the professional main tour took a significant leap forward with his victory in the European Under-21 Championship. However, Graham faced challenges during the tournament, battling illness and tough matches. Graham recalled the struggles, mentioning, “I actually couldn’t tell you about one match where I played well. I was really unwell, I was getting sick during my matches.”

Despite being a newcomer to the professional circuit and yet to secure his first match win, Graham is optimistic about his future in snooker. He believes in the importance of a tiered system within the tour to provide fair opportunities for lower-ranked players. Additionally, Graham emphasized the significance of practicing with and learning from established professionals in the sport, like Stephen Maguire and John Higgins.

While acknowledging the initial challenges of adjusting to the new environment of the main tour, Graham remains focused on his goals. He’s confident that with hard work and the right approach, success will come in due time. Graham concluded, “I’m not really going to worry too much about it.”

As Liam Graham continues to hone his skills and gain experience on the professional circuit, the snooker community eagerly awaits his future successes in the sport.

Picture Credit: World Snooker

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