Jimmy Robertson Opens Up About Battling Essential Tremor, Remains Determined to Shine in Snooker

In an Interview with World Snooker, World number 28 Jimmy Robertson shares his health battle and positive outlook on his snooker career

In a candid interview with World Snooker, Jimmy Robertson, the world number 28 snooker player, bravely revealed his ongoing battle with Essential Tremor, a condition that affects his arm stability. Despite facing this challenge for nearly five years, Robertson is determined to persevere and continue his professional career on the World Snooker Tour.

Diagnosed with Essential Tremor in the closing stages of the last season, Robertson has been coping with the condition for years, managing its fluctuating severity. He acknowledges the absence of a cure but has found ways to keep calm and mitigate its impact on his game.

“Some days are worse than others. It is not knowing how my tremor day will be. When you make yourself anxious, excited or nervous, it is 100 times worse,” Robertson shared, shedding light on the unpredictable nature of the condition.

The Englishman recently showcased his resilience at the BetVictor European Masters, achieving notable wins over top players like Mark Williams and Scott Donaldson, whom he had previously never beaten. Despite the frustration of a narrow loss, Robertson remains focused on the positives, emphasizing the need to remain calm and composed during matches.

Reflecting on his journey, Robertson expressed pride in his achievements despite the handicap he faces. He emphasized the importance of mental fortitude and experience in managing the emotional aspects of the game, highlighting the progress he has made in handling pressure and nerves.

Looking ahead, Robertson remains optimistic, drawing confidence from recent victories over formidable opponents. He sees these wins as stepping stones for his career, aiming to build on the positives and continue his quest for success in the world of snooker.

Picture Credit: World Snooker

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