Ryan Day Achieves Milestone: Fourth 147 Break at International Championship Qualifying

Picture: Alex Pantling | Credit: Getty Images

During a match at the International Championship qualifying in Sheffield, Ryan Day showcased his snooker prowess by achieving his fourth career 147 break. The opponent he faced was Thailand’s Mink Nutcharut.

In the fourth frame of the game, the skilled Welshman, Ryan Day, flawlessly compiled the 147 break, propelling him to a 3-1 lead. This marks his second perfect break of the year 2023, as he had also achieved a 147 break during the previous season’s Tour Championship.

This accomplishment adds to the rich history of snooker, constituting the 191st official maximum break in the sport. Interestingly, it is the second 147 break of the season, with Sean O’Sullivan achieving the first one at European Masters qualifying. With this exceptional performance, Day is now in contention for the £5,000 high break prize for the International Championship.

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