Breaking Down the Bank: The Top 20 Highest-Earning Male Pool Players in the World

When it comes to the world of professional pool, the competition is fierce, and the stakes are high. Not only are these athletes masters of precision and skill, but they also earn significant sums of money through their achievements and sponsorships. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 20 highest-earning male pool players in the world as of the most recent available data.

1. Shane Van Boening – USA – $2,242,038.00
Shane Van Boening tops the list as the highest-earning male pool player globally. Hailing from the United States, Van Boening’s impressive earnings reflect his consistent success in the sport.

2. Efren Reyes – Philippines – $2,166,223.00
Efren Reyes, often referred to as “The Magician,” is a legendary figure in the world of pool. Hailing from the Philippines, Reyes has made a name for himself not only for his earnings but also for his remarkable skills on the table.

3. Dennis Orcollo – Philippines – $1,765,124.00
Another Filipino pool sensation, Dennis Orcollo, secures the third spot on the list. Orcollo’s earnings are a testament to his dedication and expertise in the game.

4. Mika Immonen – Finland – $1,673,395.00
Representing Finland, Mika Immonen ranks fourth in the list of highest-earning male pool players. Immonen’s international success has propelled him to this prestigious position.

5. Alex Pagulayan – Canada – $1,525,046.00
Canada’s own Alex Pagulayan takes the fifth spot. Pagulayan’s accomplishments in the sport have not only brought him fame but also a substantial income.

6. Francisco Bustamante – Philippines – $1,457,132.00
Yet another Filipino pool legend, Francisco Bustamante, stands at the sixth position on the money list. His earnings reflect his remarkable career in the sport.

7. Thorsten Hohmann – Germany – $1,400,506.00
Germany’s Thorsten Hohmann is the highest-earning player from Europe, securing the seventh spot on the list. Hohmann’s consistency and skill have paid off handsomely.

8. Ralf Souquet – Germany – $1,394,392.00
Ralf Souquet, another German player, follows closely behind at the eighth position. Souquet’s earnings are a testament to his enduring success in the sport.

9. Niels Feijen – Netherlands – $1,296,361.00
Representing the Netherlands, Niels Feijen is ninth on the list. Feijen’s career in pool has brought him significant financial rewards.

10. Darren Appleton – Great Britain – $1,258,734.00
Darren Appleton, hailing from Great Britain, rounds out the top 10 highest-earning male pool players. Appleton’s dedication to the game is evident in his impressive earnings.

11. Johnny Archer – USA – $1,225,427.00
Johnny Archer, a household name in American pool, takes the 11th spot on the list. His contributions to the sport have earned him a place among the top earners.

12. Corey Deuel – USA – $1,178,155.00
Corey Deuel, another American player, ranks 12th. Deuel’s career has been marked by success on the international stage.

13. Jayson Shaw – Scotland – $1,040,174.00
Scotland’s Jayson Shaw secures the 13th position on the money list. Shaw’s skills have made him a formidable contender in the world of pool.

14. Rodney Morris – USA – $962,770.00
Rodney Morris, an American player, takes the 14th spot. Morris’ achievements in the sport have earned him a comfortable income.

15. Earl Strickland – USA – $818,418.00
Earl Strickland, another American pool icon, ranks 15th. Strickland’s earnings are a reflection of his long and successful career.

16. Joshua Filler – Germany – $785,300.00
Germany’s Joshua Filler secures the 16th position on the list. Filler’s rising star in the world of pool is accompanied by a growing income.

17. Albin Ouschan – Austria – $718,680.00
Representing Austria, Albin Ouschan ranks 17th. Ouschan’s earnings highlight his prowess in the sport.

18. Skyler Woodward – USA – $675,429.00
Skyler Woodward, another American player, takes the 18th spot. Woodward’s achievements have contributed to his impressive income.

19. Fedor Gorst – Russia – $662,726.00
Fedor Gorst represents Russia and secures the 19th position. Gorst’s success in the sport is reflected in his earnings.

20. Jung-Lin Chang – Taiwan – $639,419.00
Taiwan’s Jung-Lin Chang rounds out the list at the 20th position. Chang’s contributions to the world of pool have earned him a place among the top 20 highest-earning male players.

In conclusion, these male pool players have not only demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication to the sport but have also earned substantial sums of money through their achievements and endorsements. Their success on the pool table has solidified their positions on the prestigious money list, making them icons in the world of professional pool.

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