Sweeping Success: Brittany Bryant Clinches Three Titles at the Canadian Pool Championships

Brittany Bryant boasts an impressive track record in the Canadian Women’s Championships, having clinched the title multiple times. Before the commencement of this year’s tournament, her trophy collection showcased sixteen victories, encompassing a range of 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball championships. Remarkably, her accomplishments even included a Mixed Junior Canadian Championship as far back as 2009. Despite her numerous accolades, one achievement had eluded her: the complete sweep of 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball titles. However, that changed this year.

The action kicked off on August 16th at The Hidden Spot in Calgary, featuring eighteen participants in the Women’s Open 8-Ball Championship. Divided into two groups of nine players, each competing on separate double elimination boards, the top four players from each group advanced to the next stage. Among them, Bryant emerged with authority, securing commanding wins of 6-3 and 6-0 against Cheryl Maloney and Jessica Wade, respectively. She progressed alongside Janet Ritcey, Joanne Ashton, and Sheila King from her group. The other group saw Veronique Menard, Cathy Metzinger, Brandy Johnson, and Naomi Williams advance.

The subsequent phase of the 8-ball event narrowed down to eight players competing on a single elimination board. Bryant’s journey continued with triumphs over Brandy Johnson and Joanne Ashton, leading her to the finals. There, she conquered Veronique Menard with a convincing 7-1 victory, securing her 17th Canadian Championship.

The Women’s Open 10-Ball Championship followed the same format, featuring twenty participants. Bryant once again advanced from her group, prevailing over Lan Phong and Brandy Johnson.

The single elimination board witnessed Bryant’s prowess as she defeated Paris Shahsavar and Naomi Williams, securing her place in the finals once more against Veronique Menard. Despite Menard’s wins over Desiree Church and Joanne Ashton on her path to the finals, Bryant maintained her dominance with a resounding 7-1 triumph, clinching her 18th Canadian Championship.

In the 9-ball division, with fourteen competitors, Bryant’s journey to the single elimination stage was expedited due to a bye, followed by a victory against Janet Ritcey, earning her a spot in the final stage.

Bryant sealed her triumphant sweep through the final stage by conquering Naomi Williams and Toni Sakamoto, culminating in an 8-5 win over Janet Ritcey in the finals, thus securing her 19th Canadian Championship.

Reflecting on her victories, Bryant attributed her calm demeanor at the table throughout the event to the presence of her late father. She shared, “I was aiming for a strong performance and emotional control. I genuinely sensed my dad’s presence, which kept my nerves at bay throughout the tournament. It’s a sensation I’ll cherish for life.”

Bryant also expressed gratitude to her new sponsor for contributing the equipment that played a role in her wins. She remarked, “Claiming my initial victory as a Predator Team member at the Canadian Championships is perfect! I’m evolving into a more consistent and resilient player, and this triumph might be the boost of confidence I needed.”

Despite needing to accommodate three new trophies, Bryant humorously addressed the potential space shortage issue, stating, “I’ll simply keep expanding my trophy space. Whenever I enter an event, I’m aiming for victory.”

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