Kyren Wilson’s Confrontation with Police in Portugal Leads to Peculiar Injury

Kyren Wilson : Picture Skysports

Kyren Wilson endured a severe leg injury following a confrontation with police in Portugal regarding the price of a kebab. The incident took place during a stag celebration in Albufeira earlier this summer. Wilson, a prominent figure in the world of snooker ranked eighth globally, admitted he was in a less than sober state at the time of the altercation, as he was fulfilling his role as the best man on the trip.

The disagreement between Wilson’s group and the local law enforcement stemmed from an apparent overcharge for a kebab, according to Wilson’s account to the Metro. The situation escalated when the police arrived, and before any words were exchanged, one of the officers struck Wilson’s leg with a baton. This resulted in a noticeable limp, causing discomfort for several days.

Despite the misunderstanding and the ensuing injury, Wilson displayed determination. During the same summer, he was spotted with a limp while participating in the Championship League. Remarkably, he managed to triumph in all three of his opening round matches and clinched victory in two out of three contests in the subsequent phase. Wilson expressed relief at his ability to perform effectively despite the peculiar injury circumstances.

Wilson recounted, “It was a positive experience since I had just returned from a stag do merely three days prior. Considering the nature of a stag do, I was admittedly in a considerably compromised state. Given my role as the best man, it was my responsibility to ensure the groom enjoyed his fair share of intoxication.”

Having since made a complete recovery, the 31-year-old athlete is presently defending his European Masters title in Nuremberg this week. As the top seed in the tournament, he is set to face compatriot Alfie Burden in the initial round.

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