Nationalities Represented on the 2023/24 Tour

The World Snooker Tour for this exciting season (2023/24) features a captivating blend of talent hailing from 20 diverse countries, showcasing the global appeal and reach of this engrossing sport. The 130 skilled players representing their respective nations have converged to engage in fierce competition, making this season an electrifying spectacle for snooker enthusiasts worldwide.

England leads the charge with an impressive contingent of 57 players, embodying the nation’s deep-rooted connection to the game. Among the notable English players gracing the tour are legends like Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, and Mark Selby, whose extraordinary skills have enthralled fans for years. The English squad is a formidable force, with names like Shaun Murphy, Kyren Wilson, and Ali Carter adding depth and talent to their ranks.

China, with a delegation of 22 players, has firmly established itself as a major force in the snooker world. The likes of Ding Junhui and Zhou Yuelong have captivated audiences with their precision and finesse on the baize. The emergence of young talents like Fan Zhengyi and Pang Junxu signals a promising future for Chinese snooker, underlining the country’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of stars.

Wales, boasting a cadre of 12 players, carries on its tradition of snooker excellence with seasoned professionals like Mark Williams and Ryan Day. Their presence ensures that the Welsh flag continues to fly high in the snooker arena, and the emergence of players like Jak Jones and Jackson Page underscores the nation’s commitment to maintaining its snooker legacy.

Scotland’s contribution to the tour is characterized by a solid representation of 9 players, led by the venerable John Higgins. His experience is complemented by the likes of Anthony McGill and Stephen Maguire, creating a Scottish lineup that brings both skill and experience to the table.

Thailand, with 6 players in the mix, showcases its growing prominence in the global snooker landscape. Thepchaiya Un-Nooh’s flair and Noppon Saengkham’s finesse add depth to Thailand’s roster, exemplifying the nation’s commitment to making its mark on the international snooker stage.

The Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Australia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Brazil, Germany, Iran, Switzerland, Ukraine, Estonia, the USA, and Malaysia each contribute talented players who inject diversity and vibrancy into the tournament. This eclectic mix of cultures, styles, and playing philosophies enriches the snooker experience, reminding us of the sport’s universal appeal.

As the tour unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing clashes between these exceptional players from around the globe. The World Snooker Tour transcends borders, uniting players and audiences in a shared passion for cue sports. With each break, pot, and safety shot, the snooker world continues to celebrate the unique talents and stories that make this season an unforgettable journey into the heart of international snooker excellence.

Full List : Source World Snooker

England (57)

Ronnie O’Sullivan
Judd Trump
Mark Selby
Shaun Murphy
Kyren Wilson
Ali Carter
Robert Milkins
Jack Lisowski
Gary Wilson
Barry Hawkins
David Gilbert
Ricky Walden
Tom Ford
Stuart Bingham
Jimmy Robertson
Joe Perry
Matthew Selt
Chris Wakelin
Joe O’Connor
Anthony Hamilton
Ben Woollaston
Elliot Slessor
Robbie Williams
Sam Craigie
David Grace
Liam Highfield
Andy Hicks
Oliver Lines
Martin Gould
Mark King
Mark Joyce
Mark Davis
Ashley Hugill
David Lilley
John Astley
James Cahill
Sanderson Lam
Zak Surety
Sean O’Sullivan
Allan Taylor
Rod Lawler
Adam Duffy
Oliver Brown
Jenson Kendrick
Rebecca Kenna
Hammad Miah
Ian Burns
Jimmy White
Andrew Higginson
Liam Pullen
Alfie Burden
Stuart Carrington
Louis Heathcote
Stan Moody
Martin O’Donnell
Ashley Carty
Reanne Evans

China (22)
Ding Junhui
Zhou Yuelong
Fan Zhengyi
Pang Junxu
Si Jiahui
Cao Yupeng
Xiao Guodong
Lyu Haotian
Wu Yize
Yuan Sijun
Tian Pengfei
Zhang Anda
Xu Si
Andy Lee
Peng Yisong
He Guoqiang
Ma Hai Long
Jiang Jun
Xing Zihao
Long Zehuang
Liu Hongyu
Marco Fu

Wales (12)
Mark Williams
Ryan Day
Jak Jones
Matthew Stevens
Jamie Jones
Jackson Page
Jamie Clarke
Dominic Dale
Michael White
Dylan Emery
Daniel Wells
Andrew Pagett

Scotland (9)
John Higgins
Anthony McGill
Stephen Maguire
Graeme Dott
Scott Donaldson
Stephen Hendry
Dean Young
Ross Muir
Liam Graham

Thailand (6)
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
Noppon Saengkham
Dechawat Poomjaeng
Mink Nutcharut
Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan
Manasawin Phetmalaikul

Republic of Ireland (3)
Ken Doherty
Fergal O’Brien
Aaron Hill

Belgium (3)
Luca Brecel
Ben Mertens
Julian LeClercq

Northern Ireland (2)
Mark Allen
Jordan Brown

Australia (2)
Neil Robertson
Ryan Thomerson

Pakistan (2)
Muhammad Asif
Asjad Iqbal

India (2)
Himanshu Jain
Ishpreet Singh Chadha

Egypt (2)
Mohamed Ibrahim
Mostafa Dorgham

Brazil (1)
Victor Sarkis

Germany (1)
Lukas Kleckers

Iran (1)
Hossein Vafaei

Switzerland (1)
Alexander Ursenbacher

Ukraine (1)
Anton Kazakov

Estonia (1)
Andres Petrov

USA (1)
Ahmed Aly Elsayed

Malaysia (1)
Thor Chuan Leong

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