Caroline Pao rises to become the Highest Ranked US Player on the WPBA

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 Carolina Pao has risen to the position of the highest Ranking USA Billiards player in the Women Professional Billiard Association ranking.

She moved ahead of her Jennifer Barretta. This places her in the fourth place 1st place behind Kelly Fisher of the UK, 2nd place Allison Fisher of the UK and 3rd place Brittany Byrant of Canada.

She did so after finishing in the eith way tie for the 9th place at the Predator US Pro-Billiards Series held at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek in Michigan of USA.

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AZbilliards reported that her rise to this pinnacle in her career, her best-recorded earnings year since she began appearing on our payout lists over 20 years ago, has been the result of hard work, dedication, practice-practice-practice, and the assistance of a number of sponsors. Not to mention a little bit of luck related to recent WPBA history, which saw the number of yearly events diminish over the past few years and gradually, over the past year or so, saw the event-numbers go up, dramatically, in part due to the tour’s ongoing association with the Predator US Pro Billiard Series.

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