Ronnie O’Sullivan urges World Snooker Tour to fund Women Snooker Tour

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Ronnie O’Sullivan has urged the World Snooker Tour to give 5% of its prize money to the women’s tour to fund its growth.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is the highest ranking male professional Snooker player in the world.

BBC Sports quoted him as saying that:

“It’s so wrong that World Snooker haven’t made it better for the girls,”

“Why can’t they just take 5% off the prize money and give the ladies a good opportunity to play in good conditions?

“I think everyone would support it and back it. You don’t want to be having this conversation even in another two or three years, it should be something that’s done within the next two or three months.

“Decisions can be made quickly and done quickly, and it’s important for the likes of Reanne [Evans] as well because they have been playing a long time and they deserve to have that opportunity.”

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